Smarch Madness: Sweet 16 Update (Part 1)



I just learned that Will Ferrell and I have both picked Gonzaga to win the national championship. This makes two things that he and I share in common, the second being that both of us have worn Wonder Bread firesuits at some point in our lives. (Even if mine was just a Halloween costume.) To the scores:

3 Oregon 69, 7 Michigan 68. The dream finally dies for Michigan, which looked for a while there like it was going to be one of those Cinderella squads to at least get to the Elite Eight. Not that I had much invested here. I had Creighton over Louisville. 0/2 TEAMS, PICK ELIMINATED

1 Gonzaga 61, 4 West Virginia 58. Nailed it. Barely nailed it, nailed it by a single possession, but nailed it. 2/2 TEAMS, WINNER

1 Kansas 98, 4 Purdue 66. Nailed this one too, just in a slightly larger fashion. Kansas went on a 73-33 run to finish this game, which just seems unfathomable, even for college basketball but definitely at this point in the tournament. Did Purdue forget how to shoot the ball? Was Kansas just converting every single possession into points? Usually things like that are a little bit of both, but still… wow. 2/2 TEAMS, WINNER

11 Xavier 73, 2 Arizona 71. I’m glad to see that Bill Murray is having such a great year, between the Chicago Cubs and Xavier (where his son is a coach). I’m not quite so glad to see one of my Elite Eight picks fall by the wayside. But I really hope that the stadiums are playing DMX when Xavier is rolling, if only because watching Bill Murray dance to “X Gon’ Give It To Ya” would be peak Bill Murray. 1/2 TEAMS, LOSER

FINAL RESULTS: 5/8 teams, two winners, one loser, one pick previously eliminated, one burning question: does Bill Murray know the Ruff Ryders’ Anthem?

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