Over my years in racing, I’ve made countless contacts and a number of friends for life. Thanks to everyone who has been willing to put their name on the line for me:

“I’ve known Chris for over four years. In that time I’ve witnessed, from both a driver’s point of view and a co-worker’s point of view, the dedication he puts into each and every project he works on. He knows motorsports, and more importantly knows the value of strategically timing and placing those projects to maximize their value and exposure.”

– Jim Beaver, Host, Jim Beaver’s Down and Dirty Show/Jim Beaver’s Project Action, Professional Trophy Truck and UTV Driver

“Over the years, Chris Leone has provided assistance far beyond the normal duties of a series media director. Chris’s attention to detail and drive for success assisted in the growth of Loenbro Motorsports, as he worked directly with our team to promote various community outreach campaigns and corporate partnerships to Rallycross fans across the globe.”

– Josh Tons, Director of Social and Digital Content, Loenbro Motorsports

“Working with Chris, I saw a driven professional passionate about motorsports, while able to balance and effectively drive PR efforts in a fast and pressured environment. With that, Chris excelled and worked hard for the brands he represented, and his dedication showed through his work. Aiding growth in PR efforts I had the pleasure of working with him on, he helped to enhance our program through the series, connections, and his endeavors.”

– Ashley Keller, Public Relations, ThorSport Racing

“Chris is someone I’ve always known to go above and beyond. His passion and dedication to his roles has always been exemplary and his encyclopedic knowledge of his industry is second to none. Not only has his work hugely benefited who he has worked for and represented, but it’s also helped numerous outfits grow, improve, and increase their reach—those I’ve represented included.”

– Dominik Wilde, Journalist, Motorsport Network (Motor1, Autosport)

“Chris and I have been working together for as long as either of us has been working. He encouraged me to make the transition from photographer to marketing consultant and he helped me land my first job in that field. He took me under his wing and taught me everything I know about running a marketing and media machine. Through Chris’ guidance, I am now a part of one of the hottest growing racing series in the country. I honestly can say that I would not be where I am today without his support.”

– Matthew Kalish, Media Director, American Rally Association