Smarch Madness: Sweet 16/Elite Eight Update



Sometimes life happens, people get busy, blah blah. Anyway, it’s not as if I haven’t been watching the tournament these past few days, I’ve just had a few other priorities take precedence. But Monday morning seems like a great time to reset. To the scores:


1 North Carolina 92, 4 Butler 80. It never hurts to start off a recap with a perfect game. I haven’t done that since the very start of the Round of 32, which feels like an eternity ago at this point. Maybe it’s because I took a few days off in there. 2/2 TEAMS, WINNER

7 South Carolina 70, 3 Baylor 50. So I had SMU-Duke here, like probably every other pundit whose bracket got busted. All part of the fun, though. I guess I choose to look at it this way: I only overestimated this matchup by one seed on each side. 0/2 TEAMS, PICK ELIMINATED

2 Kentucky 86, 3 UCLA 75. I love when I get two perfect games on the same day in the later rounds. It makes me feel like I actually know what I’m talking about. 2/2 TEAMS, WINNER

4 Florida 84, 8 Wisconsin 83. So the dream dies for Wisconsin, which nonetheless upset Villanova this year and made it this far without even needing Frank Kaminsky. Wisconsin athletics are fun to watch, man. There’s a really strong Badger contingent here in Boston that rallies behind this team. True story: once I went to the local Wisconsin bar, which also happened to be the local LSU bar, when those teams were both ranked in the college football top 25 for their season opener. The atmosphere in that bar was unlike anything I’d ever seen, even though Wisconsin lost. Just unreal stuff. 1/2 TEAMS, LOSER

FINAL RESULTS: 5/8 teams (10/16 overall), two winners (4/8), one loser (2/8), one pick previously eliminated (2/8), one strange feeling of symmetry


1 Gonzaga 83, 11 Xavier 59. I didn’t actually realize coming into the tournament that Gonzaga had never made the Final Four before. And here, I picked them as champion. That’s a very out of character move for me. I guess I’m proud of myself? 1/2 TEAMS, WINNER

3 Oregon 74, 1 Kansas 60. Hello Creighton, my old friend / picking you burns me once again / I had you up to this point still dancing / when Oregon I should have been romancing… I don’t have much else here, but yeah, losing Creighton right away hurt. 1/2 TEAMS, LOSER

7 South Carolina 77, 4 Florida 70. I had a grand total of one team in the Sweet 16 from the East region. It was Florida. I did not have them making this game. 0/2 TEAMS, PICK ELIMINATED

1 North Carolina 75, 2 Kentucky 73. Well, this is a way to end the round on a high note! Both teams, nailed the winner in a close game, ended up with two in the Final Four… is something I would have said before Luke Maye happened. 2/2 TEAMS, LOSER

FINAL RESULTS: 4/8 teams, one winner, two losers, one pick previously eliminated, one heartbreaking last-second three-pointer

ROUND-BY-ROUND: 25/32 in Round of 32, 10/16 in Sweet 16, 4/8 in Elite Eight, 1/4 in Final Four

ESPN SCORE: 25×10 = 250; 10×20 = 200; 4×40 = 160; 1×80 = 80; total 690

TRADITIONAL SCORE: 25×1 = 25; 10×2 = 20; 4×4 = 16; 1×8 = 8; total 69 (lol)

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