Smarch Madness: Day 4 Update



Upsets upsets upsets! To the scores:

7 Michigan 73, 2 Louisville 69: Well, this portion of my bracket is totally ruined now. I had both teams in this game but Louisville winning (and then losing to Creighton). Not a great start… 2/2 TEAMS, LOSER

2 Kentucky 65, 10 Wichita State 62. This one could have been one heck of an upset, and I was admittedly on pins and needles at the end of the game. But it wasn’t quite enough to knock off yet another of my Final Four picks. 2/2 TEAMS, WINNER

1 Kansas 90, 9 Michigan State 70. Easy money for another of my Final Four squads. 2/2 TEAMS, WINNER

1 North Carolina 72, 8 Arkansas 65. Could you imagine if the Razorbacks had pulled this one off? It would have been pandemonium on Tobacco Road. Tar Heels fans and Blue Devils fans banding together and singing “Kumbaya” in an act of humility. (OK, maybe not.) 1/2 TEAMS, WINNER

3 Oregon 75, 11 Rhode Island 72. Why didn’t I go with the safe pick here? Stupid, stupid move to pick Creighton. 1/2 TEAMS, PICK ELIMINATED

3 Baylor 82, 11 USC 78. So much for having SMU in this game. 1/2 TEAMS, PICK ELIMINATED

7 South Carolina 88, 2 Duke 81. In which Grayson Allen goes face-to-face with Karma, and Karma inevitably wins. 1/2 TEAMS, LOSER

3 UCLA 79, 6 Cincinnati 67. Another solid game from Lonzo Ball leads the Bruins past the Bearcats, and lets me close out a tough day in Bracketology on a high note. 2/2 TEAMS, WINNER

FINAL RESULTS: 12/16 teams (25/32 overall), four winners (10 overall), two losers (three overall), two picks previously eliminated (three overall), one overwhelming feeling of average-bracket-itis

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