Smarch Madness: Day 3 Update



Well, I walked into yesterday with a mixed bag: 25 out of 32 right in the first round (an all-time high… maybe I should just never watch college basketball again), but two of my Elite Eight teams eliminated (thanks for nothing, SMU and Creighton). But the good thing about not having quite as many dogs in the fight is that you can sit back and get back to just enjoying the action… or getting your schadenfreude on at the first number 1 upset of the tourney.

Let’s go to the scores, shall we?

4 West Virginia 83, 5 Notre Dame 71. We’re off to a good start here—I had both teams moving onto the second round, and I nailed the winner. Granted, I’m not going to be so cheery if West Virginia goes any further as it’ll come at the expense of my title pick, but for now, hooray! 2/2 TEAMS, WINNER

8 Wisconsin 65, 1 Villanova 62. I feel kind of stupid for not picking this upset. I mean, I had SMU going to the Final Four anyway (idiot), so I probably should have rolled with my buddy’s alma mater for the early upset. Loved Frank Kaminsky throwing shade at the Selection Committee on Twitter after the game. 2/2 TEAMS, LOSER

1 Gonzaga 79, 8 Northwestern 73. Speaking of Twitter, the internets seemed to be abuzz early in this one yesterday with dreams of another upset. Thankfully, they were wrong. 2/2 TEAMS, WINNER

11 Xavier 91, 3 Florida State 66. Good news: I had Florida State losing this game. Bad news: I had them losing it to Maryland, who went down on day one. One of the few things I swore by when I set up this bracket was, in a basketball school vs. football school matchup, pick the basketball school, regardless of seeding; it half worked out here. 1/2 TEAMS, PICK ELIMINATED

4 Butler 74, 12 Middle Tennessee State 65. Butler is where Celtics coach Brad Stevens proved himself. You know I had them winning this. 2/2 TEAMS, WINNER

2 Arizona 69, 7 St. Mary’s 60. This is Arizona alumnus Rob Gronkowski’s favorite winning basketball score. 2/2 TEAMS, WINNER

4 Florida 65, 5 Virginia 39. Hold up. 39 points in an NCAA Tournament game?! I checked the box score and it looks like Virginia went with a short bench, but maybe they shouldn’t have—only six players scored and none of them cracked double-digit points. At least it wasn’t an all-time low for the Big Dance, but it was a season low. Bummer to go out that way. 1/2 TEAMS, WINNER

4 Purdue 80, 5 Iowa State 76. Bad news: I missed on one of these teams (thanks to my over-reliance on 12-over-5 upsets in the first round). Good news: I got the one that counted. 1/2 TEAMS, WINNER

FINAL RESULTS: 13/16 teams, six winners, one pick previously eliminated, one loser that makes me regret not going full homer on behalf of a buddy of mine

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