Smarch Madness: Day 2 Update



Another day, another stream-of-consciousness blog post on how my random bracket picks went before spending an entire day watching college basketball. No time to waste—let’s get right to it…

7 Michigan 92, 10 Oklahoma State 91. I got to watch some of this one and saw all the stuff that Michigan went through the past couple of weeks before this game. Good for them. Good for me, too, because I got this one. RIGHT

3 Baylor 91, 14 New Mexico State 73. Not a lot of 14-over-3 upsets. RIGHT

8 Arkansas 77, 9 Seton Hall 71. Can’t feel too bad about missing on a close game with an 8 and a 9. WRONG

3 Oregon 93, 14 Iona 77. What did I just say? RIGHT

2 Louisville 78, 15 Jacksonville State 63. Same as above except even less likely here. RIGHT

11 USC 66, 6 SMU 65. Aaaaaaand this is where the dream dies. I didn’t just have SMU winning this game, I had them in the goddamn Final Four (over Villanova!) based on one passing comment I heard on some sports show somewhere. I can’t remember who said it so I’m not sure who to blame, but apparently most of Twitter was with me yesterday. WRONG

1 North Carolina 103, 16 Texas Southern 64. A 39-point blowout is not enough to temper my disappointment. RIGHT

11 Rhode Island 84, 6 Creighton 72. This is the last time I let a picture of Warren Buffett with temporary tattoos influence anything I do. Another Elite Eight team of mine? Gone. WRONG

1 Kansas 100, 16 UC Davis 62. Gimme. RIGHT

10 Wichita State 64, 7 Daytona 58. How can you pick against a team named the Shockers? You can’t. RIGHT

2 Duke 87, 15 Troy 65. Could you imagine if there had been an upset here? The nationwide smugness as Grayson Allen, a modern-day poor man’s Christian Laettner, received his comeuppance by a 15 seed? Well, that’s all you can do at this point because it didn’t happen. RIGHT

6 Cincinnati 75, 11 Kansas State 61. My rule of thumb is to never pick schools that I know better for football than I do for basketball. RIGHT

9 Michigan State 78, 8 Miami (FL) 58. See above. RIGHT

7 South Carolina 93, 10 Marquette 73. Sometimes it backfires. WRONG

2 Kentucky 79, 15 Northern Kentucky 70. My favorite March Madness-related tweet of the year: the person who saw this game labeled as “Kentucky vs. No. Kentucky” and labeled it a war for the very existence of a state. RIGHT

3 UCLA 97, 14 Kent State 80. LaVar Ball sure has a big ego for an NFL practice squad tight end, and a terrible, terrible clothing brand. But you can’t take that out on his kids. Lonzo will probably lead UCLA at least a few rounds into the tournament. RIGHT

FINAL RESULTS: 12 out of 16 correct; 25 out of 32 in the first round; two incredibly crushing second-day defeats that have crippled my Elite Eight already

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