Communications Masterclass: QA Testing

In my years of owning an iPhone, the worst mistake that I ever made as the manager of multiple social media accounts was to update both Twitter and Instagram to their latest (current) iterations—Twitter 6.0 and Instagram 5.0.0.

It was bad enough when Twitter removed support for viewing Instagram photos within their app. Now, I’m running into an even more idiotic problem—when I share photos to Instagram, I have to go through extra steps just to give myself a chance of the photo sharing to the right account.

When I updated both apps and shared an Instagram post from my work Instagram account, @GlobalRallyX, it did not share to my work Twitter account (which uses the same handle). It shared to my personal Twitter account, @christopherlion. This happened despite the fact that the @GlobalRallyX Instagram is not linked to the @christopherlion Twitter; immediately I checked Instagram’s settings afterward and made sure that this was not the case.

More than once I have unlinked my work Twitter account from my work Instagram account. Then I have relinked the two. It does not make a difference.

What does? Making sure that the last account I use on Twitter, before logging in to Instagram and sharing a photo, is the account to which I want to share my Instagram photo. I cannot tell you how stupid I think this is.

Worse, if you’re in the middle of writing an Instagram post, realize that you need to switch Twitter accounts, and do that before sharing the Instagram post, it won’t show up on Twitter at all. Not to the right account, and not to the wrong account. It just disappears into thin air.

I don’t know which application is at fault here. I am assuming Twitter, since Instagram’s settings assure me that the proper accounts are linked to one another. But clearly there is a “playing nice” issue between both of these incredibly popular microblogging tools—and no matter who’s at fault, everybody loses.

The lesson here: consumers, make damn sure that your products have been well-tested for compatibility with one another in their most recent updates before you replace the older versions. And product developers, do a better job of quality assurance testing your updates as they work with other products that people use simultaneously; they’re not going to stop doing it. It’s on you to get it right.

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