Douglas Motorsports Prepares Three Trucks For Red Bull Frozen Rush


Douglas Jump

Scott Douglas became one of the key entities in last year’s Red Bull Frozen Rush by renting out a Pro 4 truck to Bryce Menzies for the inaugural eight-truck exhibition. Though Douglas fell out of the event in the first round, Menzies moved onto the trophy round and claimed third place.

This year, Douglas did the event one better. He rented out one truck to Ricky Johnson, who effectively swapped places with Menzies, but added a third truck for Brian Deegan. The story behind the two trucks, however, is totally different.

“Red Bull did talk to me earlier in the year, and that one was planned out,” Douglas explained. “Ricky was going to drive it, the same truck Bryce drove, and I was going to drive the Amsoil truck. Then the third truck came along for Brian Deegan.”

Douglas Pit

As Red Bull had for last year’s event, Deegan had worked with Douglas before, making the two-time Pro 4 champion a logical choice to prepare the truck.

“(Deegan) leased one of my trucks for Lake Elsinore, and he actually finished second his first time ever in Pro 4,” Douglas continued. “He got invited to this and he didn’t have a Pro 4. He kind of at first was going to turn it down, and then all of a sudden he goes ‘man, I want to shred some hills in a 900 horsepower (truck).’

“He calls me up and says ‘hey, I need a Pro 4.’ I go, ‘I don’t have one available.’ He says ‘you gotta do something.’”

In response, the Douglas Motorsports squad had a lot of work to do in a short amount of time to get all three trucks to Sunday River.

Deegan Finish

“Brian’s pretty persuasive, he’s full of energy, and he was able to transfer some of that energy in myself and the crew and we were able to get a third truck going. The one we just put together is actually the one I’m driving. The one he got second with in Lake Elsinore, I only felt comfortable having him drive, so this is actually the new one and the most fresh, so it’s got a couple bugs we’re working out.

“But today in qualifying, I qualified fourth and I was stoked, I’m really getting comfortable with it.”

With three trucks, three championship-caliber drivers behind the wheel, and three spots on the podium, there’s a chance that all three Douglas Motorsports drivers could wind up taking medals—a feat that the team’s namesake “(doesn’t) think anyone could ever match.”

“The predictability of that, with all the variables, is probably slim,” he admitted. “But you’ve got to say that there are three really talented drivers here, and we all really have good equipment. We’ve just got to get them tuned up, we’ve got to hit our marks right, and it could happen.”

Photo credit: Matt Kalish

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