Review: Fitz and the Tantrums, “More Than Just A Dream” (Deluxe)


Decent sophomore effort from a band whose first album was a game-changer in the world of blue-eyed soul. There’s no answer to “MoneyGrabber” on here, but “Out of My League” is a decent follow-up. Definite change in sound to something a little more poppy and synth-driven, with additional production thanks to their new major label deal with Elektra—evokes some of the same feelings that one might get from Matt and Kim. “6am” sounds like a modern Hall and Oates track. Fans who are disappointed in the change of sound will at least enjoy the bonus track “Tell Me What Ya Here For,” if not a few others.

Recommended: “Spark,” “Keepin Our Eyes Out,” “Tell Me What Ya Here For”

Rating: 3/5

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